United for Impact

One of the reasons why I feel what’s In My Rearview is so important and eternally relevant is that in my previous career, I met and made connections with so many wonderful people. One of those people became the VP of Marketing Communications for the United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey. More than 4 years ago, he asked me to do head shots for them. And I’ve been steadily working for them in many capacities ever since. In addition, he reached out to two designers we both worked with who eventually went on to marry one another and start their own brand development and design firm. Untuck Design. Every year, Untuck develops and designs the United Way’s Case for Support. It is the organization’s foundational piece for its annual fundraising materials and is designed to provide an understanding of the United Way’s impact in the community. Four years ago, Untuck asked me to do the photography for the Case for Support. And it’s been four awesome years working together. I spend about a month traveling around the Greater Philadelphia area to meet and photograph some of the region’s top executives and supporters of, and donors to, the United Way. I’ve met some amazing, inspirational and clearly impactful people. I only hope I’m lucky enough to keep doing this work year after year. Thank you United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey, Chris Murray and Untuck Design. I don’t think we could have predicted this when we worked together so many years ago but it is genuinely wonderful. And yet another example of why putting effort into great relationships, year after year, can take you places you never thought you’d go. (Hint: You’ll see that theme run through many posts here).