When you get a look at this beautiful woman, you will be shocked to find out that she does not like herself in pictures. Never has. Until now. This is why I love this job so much and why head shots have become one of the most fulfilling aspects for me. When people tell me that they never like photos of themselves, I get excited because I know we will make something beautiful. And with Jamie, like so many in the past, I knew it immediately. I look through my lens and I see the beauty that they do not. It’s not their fault. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t like herself. It’s just that we’re all our own worst critics. But I looked at the back of my camera during our shoot and told her she was going to be very happy because I saw so much beauty there. Patting myself on the back is not the main reason why I wanted to share Jamie’s session (although I do enjoy that too). From one entrepreneur to another, I am really excited for her. Jamie is a registered dietician with her own growing Arbonne business. Arbonne sells skin care, cosmetics and a nutrition line for overall health and wellness. Not surprising that, as a dietician, Jamie specializes on the nutrition side of the Arbonne business. For awhile, she was working with Arbonne as a supplement to her full time dietician position. In the more recent past, she was able to leave the full time job and dedicate herself completely to the growing business and her two young children. She’s happy and energized. It’s a beautiful thing to see and it translates in her photos.

And finally, Jamie and I went to high school together. We had not seen each other for the better part of 15 years and I was really happy to see her again and honored she trusted me to do something that made her very uncomfortable. In addition, her father was arguably my favorite teacher in high school. His English class was a haven for me. In addition, he was supportive and encouraging to me during a challenging teenage time. So Mr. Brady, congratulations on raising a beautiful, smart, talented woman. And I thank you so much for having strongly supported another.