Always Room for More


I know I’m not the only woman who feels this way, but I can only speak for myself. I believe that the busier I get as a Mom and business owner, I can convince myself that I don’t have time to invite in anything more. And sometimes that spills over into the “friend” arena. Let me explain. I am so very blessed to have lots of good friends from the many different stages of my life. I’m good at keeping touch and do my best to stay connected with the people I feel have impacted my life. But when I first stopped working full-time outside of my home and I started this business, I was so lonely. I wasn’t sure how to do the stay at home thing. I was starving for people. Even though I came back to live where I grew up, not all of my old friends and I were in the same routine.

Then came preschool with my oldest and I met a wonderful group of moms who I have come to call friends. We did playground dates in nice weather and gatherings in our homes in bad weather. Not long after, I started getting into the grade school and sports activities with both new and old friends whose kids are of similar ages. I was getting into a groove and finding my niche. In addition, my business had also started to grow and I was feeling very comfortable and confident in my new normal.

So when my son started preschool and I began meeting yet another new group of moms, my initial instincts were that I was “good.” I had enough friends and enough going on that I wasn’t sure I had time or room for more. Ridiculous, I know. Because once I started to embrace it, I can’t even imagine not having this group in my life. We were each other saviors this past school year. Boys need to keep moving. And we managed to help each other keep them doing just that. And when I had a shoot or someone else had an appointment or work, we were always able to rely on each other. We are heading in a few different directions this school year with preschool over and kindergarten starting, but I am so grateful to have gotten to know these women and their families.

And then I was lucky enough to welcome one of them into the other part of my life. Jenny asked me to do their family photos many months ago. She’s a planner. She has to be. Her husband’s schedule is crazy and his available time is minimal. I always get a little nervous when friends ask me to do their photos. Especially new friends. What if my work isn’t exactly what they wanted? What if I select the wrong location? What if the kids don’t want to work with me that day?

Per usual, the worry was all for naught. Everything turned out great and I’m so thrilled with the outcome. Jenny, thank you for not only trusting me with documenting some of your family’s time in Philadelphia, but for being such a great planner for our crew. So welcoming and warm. And thank you for making me realize how much room I always have in my life for new, great people.