A Much Needed Space: We Rock The Spectrum, Annapolis

I am typically not at a loss for words. EVER. But for the past two weeks, I have been hitting a wall while writing this post in my head. Maybe it’s because it’s so personal to me. Maybe it’s because I have a case of writer’s block. Probably a bit of both. But I’m now convinced it’s that I’m so in awe of what Courtney and Billy Cahill (my brother and sister-in-law), and so many wonderful other’s I’ve met recently, have done, that I truly cannot find the words.

A few week’s ago, they opened We Rock the Spectrum, Annapolis. WRTS is a kid’s gym designed to provide a fun, nurturing and safe sensory experience, not only for kids across the autism spectrum, but all kids. Started just a couple of years ago on the West Coast, it is quickly making its way across the country. The Annapolis location is the first of its kind in Maryland. My family and I had the pleasure of being there for it’s grand opening a few weeks ago and to say I was wowed is an understatement.

I’ve always known that Courtney was capable of great, impactful things, even when I’m not sure she knew it herself. But seeing, first hand, what she has undertaken and the pride she has in giving back to a community of people that has so impacted her life, is truly a thing of beauty. An occupational therapy assistant, Courtney has worked with children on the autism spectrum throughout her career. I’m not sure I’ve met anyone as well suited for it as she. What has me even more in awe is that, as WRTS owners, they are one of very few across the franchise that do not have a child on the spectrum. The significance of that is not lost on most people. But for Courtney and Billy and their two awesome sons, Liam and Brennan, it’s much simpler. There was a big need and a gaping hole for a community of people that is extremely important to them. And who better to fill that hole. There’s so much room in their hearts and it’s amazing to watch them make space for so many wonderful people.

I am so proud to tell people about WRTS and even prouder to talk about Courtney and Billy. I captured as much of the joy and spirit of the grand opening day as I was able but to truly grasp it, you’d have to visit. WRTS’s are opening all over the country so keep your eyes out. And if you should find yourself in Annapolis, Maryland, look em up. http://www.werockthespectrumkidsgym.com/annapolis/