I have this t-shirt and I’ve worn in to bed the majority of the nights we’ve been away on our beach retreat. And it has one simple word on the front, “GOOD.” I bought it in honor and support of the doctor I credit with the fact that our two children are here. When I was struggling to get pregnant, he sent me on the path that made it happen and saw me through both of my pregnancies. From what I know, the word is something his son uses often and it’s about life’s obstacles and overcoming them. And how regardless of what life throws at you, the fact that you’re still breathing and can do something about it, is just GOOD. And during a tough time for Dr. Mellen’s family, it became more meaningful. Credited to @jockowillink 

That was a bit of a sidebar to where I’m headed (not unlike me) but I did want to give credit for why I have the shirt. It’s fitting. This time away was largely because of my kids and Dr. Mellen is a huge part of why we are lucky enough to have them. So it feels like it all fits somehow.

I came out to the deck for my morning coffee on what is technically our last day here, just us. Our place becomes my parent’s rental tomorrow. My mother liked the house as much as I did. So although we don’t have to leave, there is an ending of sorts. So I sat down kind of waiting for the sadness to arrive. But it hasn’t. Probably in large part because our time here isn’t ending just yet and we have much more to look forward to with friends and family. But I realized that the main reason why sadness wasn’t setting in is contained in the one word that is across my chest right now. GOOD. It was just so good.

This time here has been everything I wanted it to be and more. And for that, I’m just Good. I feel lucky, grateful and downright content about it. That’s very unlike me. I’m a big feeler, super emotional and I always get sad when something wonderful ends. But it’s time I take the advice I give my kids all the time. The same thing I said to Casey when she cried because surf camp was over. Don’t be sad because it ended, be happy because it happened.

And on this beautiful Friday morning on the deck, the kids still holed up in their bunk bed fort, awake but not yet ready to leave the comfort of it, I’m happy that Henny will be here this afternoon. We’ll get to enjoy this remaining time together. And because it happened, it will be GOOD. #Mellenstrong