The Lull

So we hit it. The place where things started to go slightly off rails. We’ve had four days by ourselves and they’ve been filled with daily surf camp, trips to the beach, bikes rides and a bouncy house waterpark trip. All awesome stuff. But they’re beat and bored with one another. It’s a lull and I get it. I’m somewhat annoyed as it’s a beautiful beach day and they don’t want to go. But again, I get it. It was bound to happen. 

So I’m sitting here working on the puzzle and waiting for this to pass. Henny comes back tonight and they’re looking forward to seeing him. We all are. And let’s face it. He makes beach days easier as they have less crap to help me carry down. We get a tent instead of an umbrella that threatened to impale someone when it took off with the wind this week. And Daddy makes four. Evens everything out and all is right in their world. Makes perfect sense.  

It’s been a lovely week that I have enjoyed being with them through. They have really enjoyed camp and I have loved being able to get in a yoga class a few times. I have great pictures from all of the fun. But I’m not posting right now. Who wants to document boredom? But like I said in an earlier post, boredom here beats boredom at home any day of the week. And I'm a firm believer in learning to make your own fun. So for now, I'll let them stew in it and then, perhaps, I'll offer a solution. Perhaps, I will not. I like to live on the edge.