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Year in Review

I still look back at starting this journey more than 5 years ago and remember how afraid I was to start. What if I failed? Fell flat on my face? I had a hard time even saying I had started a business. I kinda felt like a fraud. That's a distant memory now. 2015 was a better year than I could have imagined. And rather than talk about it, I picked some of the many highlights from the year to share. Thank you to all who made it such an amazing year. From the cities and beaches of NJ and PA and all the way to Chicago. I'm beyond grateful.



I’m not sure I know where to begin with my thoughts about yoga and its impact on my life and my career. The personal and professional are so deeply intertwined that my thoughts on the subject are vast. I didn’t set out to take it where it has gone and I most certainly didn’t see it coming. But I will never question yoga coming into my life at the time it did, which was just as I was starting this business. And I know I, and it, wouldn’t be the same without it. The business and I would still be ok. But not likely as good as we are right now. And my loved ones are happy that I’ve found something that has given me clearer vision and more inner peace. Put the yoga, the business and my support system altogether and my confidence in my abilities has begun to soar. When I started getting asked to do yoga photography, I was nervous. In the way I get nervous every time I do something for the first time. But there was zero reason to be. I know and understand yoga, its movements, beauty and strength. And most importantly, the wonderful yogis who hire me know I understand them. And they’re open to me. Vulnerable, in a way that has really taken me by surprise. But what results from vulnerability with me is truth in the photos. And truth in photos is beauty. Perfection, really. These amazing people have relied on my vision and creativity in the way I rely on their ability to execute on that vision. These shoots have been such a collaboration and I fill with pride when I look at them. And it’s even cooler to see them on websites, in brochures and teacher training books and in print.

As I told a client who sent me a beautiful email about how my work is interwoven throughout every aspect of her studio, photographing yoga, and the people who live it, has given me more joy than I thought I could have with my camera. Pinch me.

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