Photo retouching


If you’ve read anything from me or seen any posts, you know how much I love to do head shots. May sound boring but I truly do love it. I like understanding the person, who they are and what their work or life is all about. Only then do we create a head shot that speaks to them and their audience. One of the first questions I get asked when someone wants to price out head shots with me is does the price include retouching. It most certainly does. Not only because I genuinely enjoy it (I get all zen-like), but I think everyone’s shot deserves a little loving. Not to dramatically change the way they look or create something completely unattainable, but because even the most subtle of touches can change the way the person feels about their photo. In addition, they are paying good money to have a final piece that looks crisp, sharp and professional. I have been asked to a do a lot of things to peoples' photos. From looking thinner and younger to adding hair highlights and removing unwanted jewelry. Some things are simple, others next to impossible. And I will say as such, when necessary. The end product says as much about my style as it does the person. I have definite opinions about natural looking versus overdone. And to demonstrate that, I turned to the safest person. Myself.  About a year ago, I was working on a lighting set-up for an upcoming shoot, and because I don’t have an assistant at the ready, I was my own model. By the way, it’s definitely an experiment every photographer should try out. I learned a lot.

I figured it might be interesting to see varying levels of photo retouching on a person’s face. And this also gives you a little insight into where I stand on the subject.

The below photo is straight out of the camera. Zero retouching.


In this next shot, I simply evened out the skin tones, smoothed out a few lines and removed any unwanted blemishes on the face. This is what I believe to be a very natural retouching. The "bags" under my eyes remain, albeit lightened up a bit. Not all wrinkles have been removed. I believe I still look like me. 


Now, in the next photo, I have removed all signs of age. No lines, no bags, not one blemish. I'm not gonna lie, I'm kinda in love with it. Who wouldn't be a little in love with a flawless faced photo of themselves? However, it's not realistic. It's not me, in all my 38 year old, mother of two, glory. And therefore, you would never see me use it anywhere else. 


And finally, just for sh*ts and giggles, I gave myself purple eyes and pink lips. Enjoy!