Reflections on the Best Week Ever

“Best vacation week yet.” That’s what we all seem to say at the end of our annual beach week in Sea Isle City with four other families. We have 10 adults and 11 kids total. And we’ve just passed year 5 with this same group. And we mean it when we say it. It truly does get better every year. The first year, our youngest was a newborn. And man how things have changed since then. There are no more naps, at least in this immediate group. But we’re continuing to welcome new faces each year. And loving every minute of it, Dani and Tucker Dunn. But for the group that has been a solid part of this every year, things have gotten easier and so much more fun. Days and days spent on the beach. Can Jam, football catches, horseshoes, boogie boards, skim boards, body surfing and getting rolled by waves. And lest we forget day after day of Fudgy Wudgy. “Hey, Ice Cream! Two Ball Screwball, Choco Taco!” And then happy hours, while the kids take over the lifeguard stand, until the sun starts to go on us. It’s also morning coffee on the deck with some of my most favorite people in life. And sore abs from all of the laughter (certainly not from the exercise!).

We have all managed to find a group that we are so extremely comfortable living with for a week. We’d make it longer if we could. My immediate family was lucky enough to do that this summer, as we moved from the house with our friends to the house with the grandparents. And we’ve been lucky enough to find many other friends who are vacationing this week that we’ve gotten to “play” with. But on the times we have not found that, my two little knuckleheads have managed to find moments of bliss, between the spats. And I’ve enjoyed being with them. Mostly during the moments of bliss.

So today, on our last day of our vacation, I’m so happy to look back on yet another of the best weeks to date. We love our crew and already can’t wait for next summer’s BEST WEEK EVER.