Thank Heaven.

Is there really anything more that says it all like “thank heaven for little girls?” I’ve been blessed to work with a lot of beautiful children and families. And I recently got to spend separate days with two lovely young ladies. Both just about the same age and both with the kind of spunk you’d expect from girls of around 3 years old. As I told one of the moms, I love seeing spunk and chutzpah in a little girl. Although I completely understand the challenge this poses for Mom and Dad, it likely bodes well for her future. You hope that sure ofherself attitude now, translates into sure of herself later. That her strong personality will help her stand up to peer pressure and stand tall in her confidence. It’s tough enough being a young girl today. Starting out with a little bit of built-in sass can’t be a bad thing. These are things I think about as I have a little lady of my own. At the ripe old age of 7, she’s already dealt with her fair share of girls being tough on each other. It’s scary to see as a Mom because we’ve all been there and we all hope to shield them from it. We can’t. But we’ll try our hardest to prepare them to handle it with dignity and grace. To rise above it and know they’ll be better for it in the end. That empathy and understanding will make you way cooler than most anything else can.

Well, these two lucky girls have wonderful families and, in particular, Moms who I know will go to the mats for them to ensure they rise up. They are both proud and hard working and completely head over heels for their girls. So Kinley and Madeline, you keep that spark and that spunk. It will serve you well. Ask your Mom.