No Predicting It

Put together a business plan. Isn’t that what they always tell you when starting a business? Whoever “they” are. Well, I started one but things began moving too quickly for me to complete it. What that reaffirms for me is that I could never have predicted, nor put to paper, what has transpired over the last 5+ years. The O’Shea family is no exception. Over the last four years, Amy and Sean have brought me into both their family and professional lives, time and again. From surprise Christmas gifts and numerous family sessions to professional portraits for more than 20 of Amy’s colleagues and helping Sean build his acting portfolio. They are my biggest source of referrals and two people I’m also lucky to call friends.

Our first project together was pictures of the kids as a surprise Christmas gift for Sean. Amy and I had only met in yoga so I did not know much about her family. Their youngest son, Quinn, is on the autism spectrum and Amy was understandably a little worried about how the session might go. I can assure you, her worry has since dissipated and I’ve been able to chronicle Quinn’s growth along with his twin brother and sister, Jack and Zoey. Oh and that first session had me driving over to Amy’s house late Christmas Eve with prints so the surprise would be legit. Don’t get any ideas. I don’t plan on doing that again.

What a lovely ride it has been since that first winter together. Most recently, Sean tried to return surprise Amy with some newer pictures. However, he and I both decided, the best gift would be family photos with her in them. And I’m so glad we did it. O’Shea family, I can’t thank you enough for the continued trust in me to work with your family and your colleagues. You have been a huge part of this “never could have predicted it” ride, and I so hope you will continue along with me.